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33 IRTS SEMINARS DRAWING INDUSTRY YOUTH / Fledglings now "major" in limebnying and selling under the tutelage of experienced practitioners in the field.

Lat- est move is authorising AMA president Donald R.


For full details, contact "NAKED CITY" is the action series so unique in concept it can be played any hour of the broadcast day.

This would re- sult in an across-the-board price hike of 55%, meaning a bill to some broadcast clients that's ,- 000 to 550,000 higher.

podatkowymi z odpowiedniej perspektywy, przedstawiając wzmocnienie współpracy administracyjnej między państwami członkowskimi jako główne narzędzie przeciwdziałania rozprzestrzenianiu się tego not be carried out, particularly if these take place at night, in a short period of time, and also very far from the shore; in such a case it is not possible to carry out high-quality inspections in States in which there are severe winters and northern seas.można pominąć, w szczególności w porze nocnej, przy ograniczonej ilości czasu, a także bardzo daleko od brzegu; w takich przypadkach nie jest możliwe przeprowadzenie inspekcji na wysokim poziomie w państwach, w których występują surowe zimy i warunki pogodowe północnych móIa process should be transparent and draw on the expertise and views of others.

Sextant is independent production company formed by Robert Graff.

4A's meeting: W' 5 annual meeting of the 4A's opens at The Greenbrier.

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At the same time – in view of the fact that, as underlined by the Court of Justice of the EU24 , the right to the protection of personal data is not an absolute right, but must be considered in relation to its function in society25 and be balanced with other fundamental with the principle of proportionality26– the Regulation will include explicit provisions that ensure the respect of other fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression and information, the right to defence, as well as of professional secrecy (such as for the legal profession), without prejudicing the status of churches under the laws of the Member States.

At this point, the paradoxical sit- u.i lion is that the survey companies are ti\ing to died alterations which I heir own clients do not want, spon- sor's editors sampled die opinions of multi-million advertisers and of the leading agencies, and lonnd the overwhelming concensus to be against "change for the sake of change." i i i The congressional probe is pro- ducing different reactions between advertisers and agencies.

"Look" proposal: Look, whose parent Cowles last week dropped Nielsen magazine and tv research, this week urges, in full newspaper ads, creation of an audit bureau supervised by advertisers, agencies, and me- dia, to provide standards for and controls over audience research.

(The in- adequate nature of radio measure- ment is, unfortunately, another matter entirely.) But in tv, the ap- proximation is workable, and ad- vertisers see no value in precision of measurement at a much-higher price.

At the client level, Nielsen's move is generally thought justifiable, hut poorly timed and ineptly handled.

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