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Too many black folk in particular find this situation joke worthy.

I apologize that our community finds humor in disease and in stories that hurt others.

Some clown (for lack of a better word) made a video recording of her at a gas station here in Atlanta, exposing her in one of her low moments. According to reports, she has a crack addiction and suffers from mental illness. And shame on everyone who shared it to get a “like”. The callousness in our people at times is beyond words.

In the video, she is seen talking to the man recording and she tells him she wanted some “crack”. The “brotha”(dubbed a “male friend” in one article), added further insult to injury and said to Maia, “pump my gas” in pimp-like fashion, disparaging her further while continuing to record and mock her broken state. How the f*ck is addiction and mental illness funny? Did slavery, Jim Crow, lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of nurturing and poverty make us into insensitive human beings?

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Do the sharers of this news not realize that 1 in 6 Americans have herpes and that anyone can have it and not know because they are asymptomatic?

I am not excusing failure to disclose, I am simply pointing out the obvious. Living with disease, navigating dating and relationships with a diagnosis and trusting someone with that information has to be the highest level of risk out there. Others are also keeping the secret for whatever reason and by doing so, are infecting other people in our community at an extremely high rate. The statistics with STD’s and it’s impact on our community are real.

We have to care enough about each other to have the honest discussion. We have to set aside our own discomfort to protect others.

She looked disheveled, she was missing a tooth and was in a bra and panties (shorts? This black man thought it necessary to post this event on social media, I suppose in an effort to become relevant. Can we blame those real conditions on our current spirit?

As if we don’t have enough issues and obstacles to fight, we have to deal with our own village frenemies as well.

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