Validating xp pro

Attempts to find answers on the Microsoft web site always result in just taking me to a "page" for purchasing Windows 7.

Microsoft "support" for this is virtually non-existant and it is not yet April 2014.

Well I've just bought a new copy of Windows so I'm not doing that.

Can anyone tell me the correct procedure for loading VM Fusion.

This after using it previously for two successful earlier installs.

Given the problem that I am also having with the "validation" problem when trying to update Windows on my own computer, this is sounding more and more like Microsoft is making it difficult for XP users in order to "push" them into purchasing Windows 7. Did you delete all partitions, create one or more new ones, then format? In both cases, just as I have always done in the past, I do a "clean" install from "scratch" using the existing partition and reformat that partition as part of the installation process.

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Activating Windows Removing the Activation Watermark from Windows 10Disabling Genuine Advantage in Windows 7Community Q&A This wiki How teaches you how to remove the Windows validation notifications that you see when using an unregistered copy of Windows.Admittedly XP has been always my "experimental" OS and I had used it many times. The problem that we are having with my friends XP "re=install" is somewhat different in that it has only been used (installed) two times before.Instead,, when using the "telephone" method for activation and going through all of Microsoft's "hoops", it finally comes back and says that it is not a valid Microsoft product (implying that it is counterfeit) and that we should return it to the retailer. I have about twenty servers, all identical, running 11g. Attempting to call remote procedure, received this error for no apparent reason: ora-04053: error validating remote object ora-00604: error at recursion sql level 2 ora-00001: unique constraint (sys.i_obj1) violated... The problem started at about the same time on several remote servers.For example: server 1 calls remote procedure on server 2 -- same error.

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