Usps tracker not updating

¿Puedo You may request a refund on First-Class Mail International®, First-Class Package International Service, and Priority Mail International items when postage, extra service fees, or other charges have been paid on: Items for which full service was never fulfilled. Undeliverable-as-addressed items under 771.51 (Undeliverable Mail section of International Mail Manual), for which return charges Contents Information about Cookies What are cookies and why are they useful?What are cookies and how does the United States Postal Service® use them?Use of Personal Information What personal information does the United States Postal Service® collect?Does the United States Postal Service® share personal information with outside parties?

Presently, USP and Fed Ex are Major Competitors of USPS. If post or mailpiece was not deliver you can request USPS to Redelivery or parcel or post.

One of the big exemptions to acceptance scan events is that the desire to give an acceptance scan does not trump the dispatch schedule for your PO- so if you drop all your items off right before dispatch and your PO cannot get to the items and scan them… As to the “you do not get an acceptance scan with PC postage product”- Many people do not realize that you get a discount for PC postage products because the cost of the counter transaction has been removed from cost of the sale.

You are not entitled to an acceptance scan from a counter clerk on your PC postage items. What muddies the water in that is individual POs may allow it to cater to unreasonable/complaining customers. USPS updated their tracking system and now it says something like ‘delivered at Mail Box’ but I guess they messed up. Apparently USPS APIs still working and third party tools working (not sure about all of them) You can check the tracking # here thanks. My metrics shows I mailed out 12 packages late, 4 missed by one day. AND the other 8 show nothing was no scan on AMAZON side.

And I certainly don’t check the tracking unless I’m bored or the buyer has reported a problem.

I think some of the USPS feeds to amazon are screwed up.

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