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To re-display the default main menu, select and uncheck “Show menu bar”. Depending on the toolbars you prefer to use, you can also add the Opera menu button to another toolbar and remove it from the tab bar.

To move the menu button permanently, follow the steps below: You can alter the size of either the search field or address field, to allow more room for typing search criteria.

To return to normal display mode and turn off fit to width, select this option again.Between the fields, there are small dots, which you can select and drag to change the size of one of these fields.When you browse using the address field, the history of viewed websites displays in a drop-down from the address field.If you want to protect your privacy, for example, if you are browsing in a public place, you can turn this off by following the steps below.The default toolbars that display are for panels, tab, status and address, and include the most commonly used features for browsing.

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