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Sorry for the ignorance, but how do I get the latest firmware upgrade? I hold it very still until after I can see the save/send/erase button, and it still comes out blurry, or if I move the phone say, to my lap to hit save, it'll take the picture of my lap!!! The stranage part was he shot the pic, pushed send to send it to me and later in his gallery it was blurred. We find featured article LG's latest flagship includes five cameras to offer the widest-possible range of capture capabilities.Also, does anyone have to click the camera button twice to take their pictures? It still sounds to me as if you aren't working the camera function correctly. The V40 Thin Q also features a gorgeous display, sultry materials, class-leading specs, and quick access to Google Assistant and Google featured article The Galaxy A6 from Samsung finds a good spot in the middle of Sprint's lineup.Among the improvements are: prolonged battery life, better support for Bluetooth functions, improved HTML and mobile web browsing and fixes to glitches such as the auto lock, and the V CAST Music store. Customers need to go to a Verizon store in order to have the devices reflashed.Verizon recommends calling ahead to see if your local store has the update before going info at Engadget »more info at Verizon Wireless » Apr 12, 2016HTC today announced the 10, its flagship handset for 2016.

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Zeman @phonescooper In response to user complaints regarding certain aspects of the LG Voyager's functionality, LG and Verizon have issued a firmware update that promises to fix many of the problems.

This Android phone carries forward an aluminum design, for which HTC has become known, and makes big improvements to the camera, software, and other core features.

Jan 22, 2017Samsung today said problems created during the manufacture of the Galaxy Note7's battery caused the phone to sometimes overheat and burst into flame.

The phone lock feature on your LG phone prevents unauthorized users from accessing your handset.

If the phone doesn't have a clam shell design, it also prevents you from accidentally pressing any buttons while your LG phone is in your pocket or bag.

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