Updating imac g3

One change from CHRP for example was to boot classic Mac OS using a 4MB Mac OS ROM file stored on disk.

The original i Mac used a Power PC G3 (Power PC 750) processor, which also ran in Apple's high-end Power Macintosh line at the time, though at higher speeds.

The case included a handle, and the peripheral connectors were hidden behind a door on the right-hand side of the machine.Having discontinued the consumer-targeted Performa series, Apple needed a replacement for the Performa's price point.The company announced the i Mac on May 6, 1998 Although the promise of CHRP has never been fully realized, the work that Apple had done on CHRP significantly helped in the designing of the i Mac.The keyboard and mouse were redesigned for the i Mac with translucent plastics and a Bondi Blue trim.The Apple USB Keyboard was smaller than Apple's previous keyboards, with white characters on black keys, both features that attracted debate.

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