Updating a chipped wii

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This regrettable incident comes at the end of a week, which has also seen West Parley hit by 3 separate incidents of Fly-tipping.

It is one of many modchips available for the Wii by Nintendo and acts as a firmware replacement funneled through the debug serial port - tricking the DVD drive into believing that the backup is in fact legit, much like current Xbox 360 chips do.You can play it safer with Gecko OS, which lets you play import and update-insistent games without altering flash memory.Now that the Wii-U is out, there isn’t much use for that old Wii you have laying around is there? You can turn your old Wii into a total Nintendo entertainment center by jailbreaking it. Note: Formatting the card will erase all data that is currently on it.You'll be able to keep the Homebrew Channel without having to update those games.There is also a hack that prevents the Wii from checking to see whether a game disk includes a system update.

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