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Having said that still a lovely approach crossing the Negombo Lagoon and landing on runway 22. Most of the Sri Lankan A340 fleet seems to be present today with a decent view of the SL Airforce hanger with the AN-32s, Israel Kfir and Mil-18s. Salem's Best Pizza Walery's Premium Pizza Dine on the Queen Willamette Queen Sternwheeler Oregon Capitol Tours Capitol History Gateway Historical Ghost Tours Haunted Salem Ghost Tours Willamette University Goudy Commons Cafe Willamette River Ride Willamette Queen Sternwheeler Historic Home Tours: Deepwood Museum The Bush House Gaiety Hollow Garden Auction Masters & Appraisals Roofing and Contracting Sheridan, Ore.Suddenly, staying put for health insurance and a steady paycheck seemed like an entirely uneven exchange. I frantically texted the most trusted members of my inner circle, divulging my plan before I could grasp what a hugely challenging endeavor I had just committed myself to.I didn’t have another job lined up or even a position I hoped I might be qualified for.

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(This post originally appeared on Elite Daily) The day I woke up praying I had contracted some type of illness so I could avoid another soul-sucking day in my cubicle was the day I knew I needed to leave my job.

I hated how weekends never contained enough time to make a dent in household tasks while still having fun.

Time moves much faster now, regardless of the day of the week.

But, it’s in a things-are-flowing-so-well-I-forget-to-look-at-the-clock type of way.

I don’t mind when down time flies by because work is no longer something I need to muscle through.

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