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Life & Style exclusively learned that the singer, 27, and her British boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, got serious after just a few months of dating.…We’ve added this bonus to our list of the best bank bonuses.Update: When you click through it says the ,000 in deposits must be maintained for 90 days.Account does need to be kept open for 90 days and then within 14 days of that the bonus will post It’s sometimes possible to receive 0 targeted bonuses with no direct deposit requirement (and sometimes these are also sold on e Bay) but this is the best public bonus they offer.

The Sun revealed it was Taylor who had ended the 15-month romance with the world’s most famous DJ because he would not commit to marriage and kids.

Whether it's Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran, or Kylie Jenner and her momager Kris Jenner, there are SO MANY celeb-emoji ties!

" CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Look Like Emojis!

But it only ever did get noticed after an unlikely source, Meghan Mc Cain, host on Filed under: Royals Royce • Media Minute • Kanye West • Kim Kardashian • Tech Talk • Taylor Swift • Nicki Minaj • Ed Sheeran • Kris Jenner • Kendall & Kylie Jenner • Prince William • Prince Harry • Awwwww • Funny • Kylie Jenner • Kendall Jenner • Viral: Kids • Viral: News • Meghan Markle like your favorite emojis!

CLICK HERE to view "Celebrities Who Look Like Emojis!

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