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Even though this may seem contrary to the whole idea of signing up for a niche site, believe me its necessary. And the other sites are similar in that they are people not being shallow - lots of vegetarian and earth conscious people in addition to the spiritual and they all tend to have some sort of spiritual belief even if not the main focus.

There just arent enough people on each individual site in any area to make them work separately. I really like the profile section - there is plenty of room to really elaborate and not be limited by a few hundred characters if you want to put more.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how great the site is, but bottom line, I am married because of it!

I am eternally grateful and would recommend that anyone who is seriously looking for a conscious relationship join Spiritual Singles and go for it.

The website runs with basic errors, the messenger does not work and staff working there are not responsive enough to be a professional site.

As far as matches and searches - same problems as everywhere. It doesn't feel like a scam anyway and that alone is refreshing.

*Edit: I forgot to add that this site DOES have an activity feature.

There are the same inactivity issues as anywhere but to be fair, it does feel like a bit of a lower %.

But anything is lower than the 95% inactivity on the big ones. I have had more profile views than I have had on e Harmony with a similar response rate.

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