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During the whole time of their acquaintance and especially at his last visit Michael completely conquered his lady's heart and made her a proposal! Tanya and Michael sent us their wedding pictures, so that we could share them with you, our dear members.

The wedding took place in Odessa, in Tanya's native city, and was hold in traditional Scotch style.

Employees of our branch made their best to organize for the couple several days of heartwarming communication, so Tanya and Michael felt almost as native people. Tanya was there by his side at the airport early in the morning, and this gave him the main hope of his life — that very soon they would be finally together.. All the time, while Tanya and Michael were far apart, they were in touch, and though Tanya spoke English not well, their communication was lively and natural thanks to the help of our translators.

Finally it was time for another meeting — on Christmas he came to visit his beloved again!

With the help of Ua Dreams their relations developed and their affection towards each other was turning into a really warm and full of trust relatioship.

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And one day Tanya and Michael understood that their communication is something more than fellow correspondence and they decided to meet, so Michael came to Ukraine...

Our professional graduated translator helped with translation of their correspondence, and Nadya put her heart in each letter.

The result of our work: the couple didn't even notice that each of them communicated in his / her native language!

Both Nadya and our translator then said that Jean-Luc was such a nice man that it seemed they had known each other for 1000 years.

Jean-Luc has already been to Ukraine for several times and every time he says he is very happy :) «What this girl really needs is a man who keeps his feet on the ground firmly.

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