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This was later abandoned, deemed too complicated for the show in its early days. Michael Jackson co-wrote and co-produced Bart Simpsons’s pop-rap single Do the Bartman, uncredited It topped the UK charts for three weeks in 1991. One of the regularly changed automated replies is: Dear Internet Nerd, You've reached Homer Simpson's electric mail dealie.

I'm not here to answer it right now, so please send a six-pack of Duff to 642 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield USA.

"Oh Homie, what a wonderful anniversary," Marge whispers, as she relaxes in her husband's arms.

They were going to leave Smithers like that until someone pointed out that a black subservient character might cause controversy. Bart’s bespectacled best friend Milhouse Van Houten's middle name is Mussolini 13.

When Maggie is scanned at the supermarket checkout in the original opening credits, the till reads 7.63 - the monthly cost of raising a baby in America in 1989 After 20 seasons, when the sequence was redone for HD, Marge's groceries add up to 3.26.

"Lets just enjoy our happiness Homie," Marge says, "Accidental motherhood is the greatest thing that can ever happen to a woman and I think Bart has finally out-grown his misbehavior." The couple look down at the stroller they're pushing along, only to see it empty.

Across the courtyard, in the window of a clothing store, a baby Bart lies in the arms of a mannequin sucking on its breast.

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