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Register for free and search the site anonymously right now - It’s completely safe, secure and confidential. Net is the dating agency for the over-40s to find a partner or just new friends.

Register for free and search the site anonymously right now - It’s completely safe, secure and confidential.

For any help or questions you may have along the way you can contact our customer service team who are more than happy to help.The quick tab search lists down a number of recommended members according to the following categories: Most Active Members, Latest Members, Latest Videos and Photos.The Who’s Near Me feature allows users to track down other members who live close by.Solihull has its own website providing information about events that come and general characteristics of the city such as entertainment, online dating, the local accent, news and views, jobs and general information of city.Senior Dating Agency is UK-based website that has been designed for individuals who are 50 and above.

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