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Talk about how you have to wear seat belts just as you do in the car, and explain what's happening during takeoff and landing.

Arm yourself with some calming items so they'll be happy and rested when you land.

Many of these you’ll want to keep in your own carry-on to control delivery times (see #5), but have a starter pack ready to keep everyone happy and occupied for the hour or so for boarding time through to meal service and movies. Fill a carry-on bag with wrapped presents – each earned with good behaviour. New books and games – including things like toy dinosaurs, a Barbie or matchbox car, a tub of Play Dough, and even things that might teach about your destination.

The key is variety and choosing toys that are silent (or can be made silent).

” or “I didn’t even realise there was a baby behind me! It’s a toy, a seat, a ride and a suitcase: Trunki ride-on suitcase performs all kinds of magic as a ride-on toy, a seat while waiting in queues and as a toddler-sized carry-on suitcase.

It even meets the carry-on size requirements for Bangkok Airways.

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