Save jailbroken apps before updating

I was dead-set on sticking to the latest jailbroken firmware, yet WWDC always seems to convince me otherwise.. I've checked around, and from my understanding I should be okay to backup using i Tunes, and then alt-click restore to install i OS 9 beta 1?

*I also ask that someone try to convince me to stay jailbroken, as I'm well aware it will soon be - if not already - an irreversible process until i OS 8.4 is jailbroken.*I have registered my UDID, yes.

Use i Tunes or i Cloud to back up your i Phone before restoring it.

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Then yeah, you should be able to just restore your device to i OS 9 beta.

If you used i Tunes to back up your i Phone, click the "Restore" button under i Tunes' Info tab to restore it when the backup is finished.

If you decided not to use a backup, or if you used i Cloud to back up the i Phone, launch "Settings," select "General," then "Reset" and then "Reset all Content and Settings." Once everything is erased, you're prompted to restore from your backup, either on i Tunes or i Cloud, or to set up the i Phone as a new device.

If you want to keep any of this data, you'll need to back it up yourself.

Apple i Cloud or i Tunes backups will ignore these apps.

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