Reboot hangs after updating symantec antivirus

The problems did not exist prior to the SAV upgrade.

I am pretty sure SAV is the cause if these problems, but I am unsure as to how to fix it. I am running: SAVCE 10.01WIN 2003 SBSVeritas(Symantec) Backup Exec 9.1Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, since it has now been alomst a week since I have had a good backup. Does the computer blue screen when it crashes, before it reboots? Are there any entries in the Windows Event Log saying what might have happened, since you know what time it happens?

There are a few blue screen errors that could cause reboots that are conflicts between SAV 10 and other programs (Roxio EZ CD Creator comes to mind) but nothing I could really identify without more information.

Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. No BSODs, no Event Log entries, nothing outside of the standard "The previous system shutdown at XX: XX was unexpected" after the server comes back up.

- What's the last thing in the Event Log prior to the unexpected shutdown entry? Apparently there were some DLLS or some other shared files that SAVCE 10 modified.

Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. I have since uninstalled SAVCE 10 and reverted back to SAVCE 9.

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The additional fact that the non-critical fix caused a problem because of an interaction with a critical fix issued at the same time just makes things worse.

If you’re on a standalone computer, you may be able to use other workarounds, such as booting into Safe Mode, which will help if the reboot loop is caused by a component that doesn’t load in safe mode.

Our commenter used a System Restore to roll back, and repeated her updates without the troublesome one.

Apparently, if you let Windows orchestrate your updates, you should be OK, because Windows will do them in the right order.

But if you have your own approval process for updates, it’s possible to apply them the wrong way around.

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