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Keep checking back, as many new FAQs will be added over time.

that many VBACs occur despite all kinds of negative attitudes and interference from family and medical personnel, and to show that the VBAC journey can be a powerful passage to healing and empowerment for fat women.

While these are also helpful to read, many women of size have longed for a collection of stories of just plus-sized pregnancy----birth in all its beauty, and birth in all its variety in women of size.

It is so important for us to see that many of our fat sisters have traveled this journey before us.

If you are contemplating a VBAC, you may especially wish to visit the FAQ on Great VBAC Resources, or any of the other VBAC FAQs in that section.

Although the group is definitely pro-VBAC, women who simply need support after a cesarean or require information about ways to make a necessary cesarean more birth-friendly are also welcome.

Information on joining ICAN's email support group can be found at

When my contractions were coming about 5 minutes apart, we left our 3 year old son with my brother-in-law and his 2 year old boy.

My sister (a labor and delivery nurse), my husband and I headed for the hospital. dilated and partially effaced when I arrived at approximately 5 p.m. I was asked if an enema would be OK and I said yes, but turned down the option of being shaved. I had had an epidural with my older son, who turned out to be a c-section following 26 hours of very dysfunctional labor.

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