Plenty of fish dating australia

When polished, the paua takes on a remarkable lustre which attracts surface fish.The line works on a reciprocal fashion, winding itself up to the limit and unwinding in regular fashion.

This tapu was rigorously imposed." ---Encyclopedia of New Zealand, A. Birds were collected, plucked, and deboned after which they were cooked before a fire... A wooden trough received the fat from the cooking birds.

New Zealand rivers are remarkable for their large eels...

Smaller seasonal fishes were much esteemed...whitebait..grayling... But eels were a main and never-failing source of food and were muc in demand, being preserved by sun drying for future consumption.

Line fishing was the favourite method of taking fish; and a large number of hooks and even fishing lines have been preserved in museums.

Dried dogfish were much esteemd as well as other small species of shark and skate...

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