Nis slave not updating

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) "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.

This does not change the behaviour of NIS, so I'm still getting the RPC timeouts and the error message "Your NIS passwd may or may not be changed" (when using yppasswd on server-a). But we need for security reasons the file securenets.

I've added a new line in securenets for localhost ( - yppasswd still works fine.

vi /etc/yp.conf加入 domain apollo server installsvr d.修改 /etc/ypserv.confdns: nofiles: 30xfr_check_port: yes*:*:shadow.byname: port*:*:passwd.adjunct.byname 另外 /var/yp/Makefile 裡的 NOPUSH=false .

[y/n: y] y We need a few minutes to build the databases... Running /var/yp/Makefile...gmake[1]: Entering directory `/var/yp/apollo'Updating passwd.byname...

Our company has two development departments, one in town A and one in town B. 以下步驟是從 master server 的資料庫(maps) 拉資料到 slave server[[email protected] etc]# /usr/lib64/yp/ypinit -s installsvr We will need a few minutes to copy the data from installsvr. 起 ypbind# service ypbind start# chkconfig ypbind oni. Updating mail.aliases...gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/var/yp/apollo' installsvr has been set up as a NIS master server. vi /etc/yp.conf加入 domain apollo server broadcast d.修改 /etc/ypserv.confdns: nofiles: 30xfr_check_port: yes*:*:shadow.byname: port*:*:passwd.adjunct.byname e. 測試 yp # rpcinfo -u localhost ypbind# ypcat passwd 4. 在此篇文章並沒有提到利用 cron table 將 ypxfrd 每隔一段時間做傳輸, 是因為筆者 認為: 在系統管理者更改過 passwd, hosts, group, 等檔案後, 順手 # cd /var/yp 去做個 # make 就可以了, 在 make 的同時, 因為 Makefile 有把 NOPUSH=false 後, 它會將 map push 到所有 slave server 了, 這部分有很多使用者發現 slave server 都沒辦法跟 master server 同步, 應該有很大的關係! 提到 slave server 無法跟 master server 同步, 還有個地方要提的: 當管理者新加一部 slave server 時, master server 須重做一次 ypinit -m, 原因在要把所有的 slave server 重新 輸入一次, 當然重點是要加入新的這台 slave server, 因為這是 master server push 給 slave server 的依據, 可以在 /var/yp/ypservers 這個檔案去 check, 是否把所有 slave server 加入!

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