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He also pinned her against a wall while stroking his genitals and demanding oral sex.Taylor is accused in the lawsuit of having sent a nude video of himself.Rather, the firm handles a select few cases which are thoroughly screened and supervised by attorneys.

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The NFL is already hemorrhaging from unpopular protests and social activism, declining television ratings and criminal behavior by many current and former players.Cantor filed a modification to her lawsuit in December, and ESPN then suspended Mc Nabb and Davis, leading to the suspension and ultimately the firing.Cantor alleges that Davis grabbed her and pushed and rubbed his body against her, made lewd comments to her, including: "I want you so bad,” “my c--k is so hard because of you right now,” “you look like a woman who knows what to do in bed,” “you look like you would be an animal in the sheets.” He also asked her to engage in rough sex with him, touched her privates and told her, “I can’t handle your a-- it is so luscious.” Mc Nabb is accused of sending Cantor sexually inappropriate text messages.Former NFL players Donovan Mc Nabb, left, and Eric Davis in 2013.Mc Nabb and Davis have been dismissed from ESPN following an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct while employed at NFL Network.

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