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According to the Wikipedia page on Lee, he is about 6'2", so this fence is probably about 6'6".

I just don't see how she managed to get over this fence. We see the entire first floor of Clementine's house and Sandra is nowhere.

Hey all, I have been a huge fan of this game for the past 6(!

I understand that there is a glass window and cages blocking Lee in but typically you wouldn't escort a second-degree murderer to prison in a normal police car and without any other vehicles.I'll also be skipping over any bugs or graphical oversights.For example, I believe when the group first arrives in Macon, the background shots where Kenny's truck is supposed to be doesn't show the truck.During the police car intro, it is the LITERAL beginning of the outbreak in Atlanta and as we can see from the first shot of the police car coming down the highway, we are miles out of the heart of Atlanta.I don't believe that a walker already managed to make it that far out on the highway.

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