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While the act of grandparenting has a lot to do with tradition, that doesn’t mean the terminology has to, as well.In honor of Grandparents Day on September 11, check out these fun, adorable, and interesting alternatives to “grandma” and “grandpa.” Your kids can make something special for grandma and grandpa with these kid-friendly DIY gifts Some are the result of happenstance, while others are borrowed from other cultures and going to play with you and turn you into my toy. Anonymous Danilove9She is a massive skype slut who will literally get ***** for anyone that puts in 2-5 minutes of asking about her life.After knowing her for 2 weeks she let me watch her stick a hairbrush up her ass.Not only does Greece have beautiful beaches, they have lovely words for grandparents (pronounced “yah-yah” and “pa-poosch”).There’s some debate about the origin of these classic terms, but they’re likely the result of childhood babbling; the repetition of a single syllable is easiest for little ones to pronounce.

She also shared with us that Tutu is Hawaiian for “grandmother.” Lin Sue told us their grandkids call them Gpa and Gma. Marco Torres’ cousin uses the affectionate Goma and Gompa as nicknames for their grandparents!Whether you’re a grandparent or parent of a grandchild, you might be inspired to adopt one of these new names for grandma and grandpa as your own.We received so many of your comments with the most adorable names for grandma and grandpa that we decided to add them all to the list!Nai nai and ye ye are used for paternal grandparents, while lao ye and lao lao are used for maternal grandparents.Likely another case of mispronunciation gone right, these English variations are unique but within the realm of tradition.

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