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It’s a problem with how you interact with yourself – it just manifests itself in a way that repels people and therefore becomes a relationship problem.

MORE: A Guy’s Take on Neediness The other question to answer is, “Why is he doing this?

He invited me to an event he was throwing and after that we started talking almost everyday.

Here’s the tricky part: Now he doesn’t call me as much and when we text he sometimes leaves me hanging mid-conversation.

They are offering the chance of finding true love and happiness, and there are plenty of takers!

Now I know there are going to be people reading this and saying things like, “Why all the games” or “If he’s a real man he’d blah blah blah” or “If he’s the right guy, you don’t need to worry about neediness, etc. This whole “game” thing doesn’t apply after two people get by their own crap. You can’t always expect that the other person is going to be in exactly the place mentally that you want them to be in.

You do, however, have tremendous power over how you think and act.

QUIZ: “Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life?

” The problem with neediness isn’t actually a problem with how you interact with other people.

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