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On the positive side, anyone who accesses the cameras via the local/corrupt IP addresses at Forsythe NWR can view the live feed, save photos, and will hopefully keep us all updated as to their progress.

As you can see from the photo pulled from the camera above, they've brought in a good amount of plastic marine debris, including that mesh bag, which I watched the female struggle with as her talon got stuck in it.

It will also be used to gain more useful information on the use of trash as nesting material and its link to their reproductive success.

We also plan to develop a detailed installation guide with the tools and resources for other land managers and biologists to install this same type of remote camera system at other locations, which is in the works.

There are still platforms that are in need of repairs, but we are counting on our volunteers to help us help these ospreys. The female, who looks the same as the beginning of this camera, returned on March 28 which is 8-9 days later than she did in 2015 & 2016.

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Trust me, it has kept myself and several dedicated volunteers busy!Included are other Cooke City web cams for your further viewing pleasure.Whether your favorite way to spend a day is carving through chest-deep powder this winter or exploring Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park, horseback riding, outdoor adventures this summer, Togwotee Mountain Lodge is a great place to enjoy all that Wyoming has to offer.The live feed is broadcast here 24/7 during the nesting season for ospreys from March through August. The use of this camera will also be used to help identify the breeding pair of ospreys by their leg bands (if they can be read).This information will help us determine their site fidelity, age, and migration routes.

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