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Many of the materials have been used for our own Registered Training Organisation (trading under a different name).

These resources are meant to kickstart your organisation in being able to modify the materials to suit your own RTO needs.

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In 1998, he married Elmie Bartel and in 2005, he sold the trailer court and moved to Watertown, NY.

While living there, Elmie passed away and he returned to Sturgis.

As time went on, Dean went to work for Butte County Motors selling cars.As his health declined from diabetes, he moved to Rapid City to live with his eldest daughter, Rosa, but if he told the story, it was to take care of her!He was a kind and caring husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and friend.While living in Faith, Sonja, Arnold, and Jacky completed the family.Times were tough feeding five kids, so Dean decided to venture out on his own, moving to Newell to start his own business, Butchs Garage, in 1964.

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