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Formerly a designer for Giorgio Armani and Prada's Miu Miu line, Pilati has taken YSL back to it's roots, reflecting the master's signature looks.

Ready-to-wear: Via Bocca di Leone, 35 tel Accessories for men and women: Piazza di Spagna, 77 tel Founded in 1911 by glove maker Dante Trussardi, the leather goods company with the signature greyhound logo, has grown into an international empire.

Italian-American Roberto Menichetti began the transformation in the '90s, which is continued today by Englishmen Cristopher Bailey, Burberry's current artistic director.

The Burberry Prosum (Latin for "forward") label, is the firms's cutting-edge division.

All the top names you can think of have stores here. Via del Corso, always crowded with tourists and teenagers, is lined with chain stores and cheap boutiques until you get close to Piazza del Popolo, where the prices and quality shift upwards.

Via del Babuino, which leads directly out of the Piazzza di Spagna, is the classiest of the three, full of designer labels and exclusive shops.

Via Ripetta, the quietest street, is notable for a few ethnic shops, restaurants and wine bars.

Piazza di Spagna 12 tel On the site of an early movie theater, founded at the dawn of cinema, and in recent years used to house exhibitions and sales of various kinds, the house of LV has recently opened an impressive concept store, with an interior designed by architect Peter Marino, in homage to the building's origins, a small 3D screening room with a program of short films that changes monthly.

Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 41 (Via del Corso near Via Frattina) tel 0 Four floors of contemporary elegance for the man who wants to look both rich and chic.

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