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I started doing my research with producers, traveling and meeting different people, really figuring out what I wanted the record to sound like.""I was meeting a bunch of different producers and trying to find someone that I really connected with, who understood my vision," she says.

"There's a lot of gypsy and Latin influence with my writing, and there's a lot of things I wanted to do to push it more in that direction with this first record.

"I'm first-generation American, my father came from Havana.

There was a lot of Latin music around the house growing up.

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She had just gone through a divorce after leaving her husband to date another guy; they had bought a house together and he was bipolar, a crazy guy.

I wanted to channel her in the song because she was so pissed-off.

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The labels just aren't swooping down and snatching artists from obscurity like they used to do. The truth, or at least the truth for Jessica Hernandez, is a little less black-and-white. She even went so far as to create her own venue in a space above her family's bakery."I designed the loft according to the things that I really like.There's a certain aesthetic to it that naturally matches our sound, our style, my voice, because it's all coming from the same place.I liked how it sounds, so it stuck."The band — completed by the core lineup of Ben Sturley (bass), Taylor Pierson (keys), Steve Stetson (drums) and Gordon Smith (guitar) — is now Hernandez's full-time concern, as she looks to put all of her energy into ensuring that the first album comes out exactly as she wants it to."I was working pretty much until the day I got signed, but then I decided to focus on the music," Hernandez says. Right before I signed the deal, everything was leading up to that point.There was a weird middle point where I was anxious to get going and I was still working. Right after I signed the deal, I stopped doing everything and started making sure the songs were where I wanted them.

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