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He has viii Contributors conducted field and archive research in Macedonia on both sides of the former Yugoslav—Greek border, and in the USA, and is now working on a project tracing the importance of migration in modern Balkan history. Hassan is Flinders Petrie Professor of Archaeology at University College, London.

He has excavated extensively in North Africa and the Middle East and is currently editor of the African Archaeological Review.

The political and social transformations of American Biblical Archaeology Neil Asher 175 Silberman 10 The Gulf Arab states and their archaeology D. Potts 11 Memorabilia: archaeological materiality and national identity in Egypt Fekri A. Zainab Bahrani is a Lecturer in Art History and Critical Theory at the State University of New York, at Stony Brook.

Hassan 12 Ancient Egypt in America: claiming the riches Ann Macy Roth Index vi 189 200 217 230 Illustrations Figures 1.1 Monastery at Tochni, Famagusta district: destroyed and used as a sheepfold 1.2 Archaeological site at Soloi, classical period: pipeline running through site 25 7.1 Areas of Beirut’s archaeological site where archaeologists went first 7.2 Some of the areas of Beirut’s archaeological site where bulldozers went first 11.1 Statue of Moustafa Kamil in downtown Cairo 11.2 Statue of the “Renaissance of Egypt” (Nahdet Misr) 11.3 Mausoleum of Saad Zaghloul, Cairo 11.4 “Mother Egypt”, the pedestal of the statue of Saad Zaghloul in Alexandria, Mahtet el-Raml 24 142 143 205 207 208 209 Tables 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Cyprus: historical outline, political and religious developments, 1571–1997 Treaties protecting the international cultural heritage Destruction of the cultural heritage of occupied Cyprus Individual cultural monuments Different types of material looted or destroyed Recovered and repatriated archaeological objects from the Hadjiprodromou Collection in Famagusta 20 25 26 26 27 28 vii Contributors Sophia Antoniadou is currently pursuing her Ph D in archaeology at the University of Edinburgh studying trade and changes in social organisation in Late Bronze Age Cyprus. Her research and publications have focused on postcoloniality, cultural difference and the construction of Mesopotamia in Western discourse.

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Hodder (ed.) Archaeological Theory in Europe (1991); Review of Aegean Prehistory: The Neolithic and Bronze Age of Northern Greece, American Journal of Archaeology 100 (1996).Her main interests are the later prehistory of Cyprus and the Western Mediterranean, the application of social theory to archaeology and the impact of politics in archaeological interpretation and practice. She is currently working on a book, Writing Presence: Assyrian Art, Colonialism and the Discourse of Oriental Antiquity. Bailey is Lecturer in European Prehistory in the School of History and Archaeology at the University of Wales at Cardiff.He is an expert on the later prehistory of southeastern Europe.Globalism, postcolonialism and the positive role of the past as a means of reconciliation are some of the themes explored in this volume.The contributors interweave theory and practice and demonstrate how this area of the world can provide a relevant model for understanding archaeological praxis.

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