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Some argue that Coloured people's origin is masked as Khoi, San and Bushmen in history textbooks in schools.

However, the coloured race stretches much further than that in that it was a mixture of initially black and white and then later a mixture of other nationalities that came into being in South Africa as a result of the slave trade.

Their decendants are called "Cape Malay" and not racially mixed as other groups in appearance.

They speak mostly Afrikaans language and also cook Malay food.

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Anyone who was not white or black was classified as Coloured, this included some foreign slaves.

The Cape of Good Hope was an active slave trade post, hence the main composition of the coloured people originate from Cape Town.

Max du Preez proclaims that all white South-Africans are actually coloured. The colouring is just as much of this country as any other, just as much of a right of existence and a right to identity, freedom and prosperity as any other.

It’s no shame to be a coloured, so if Max feels he wants to be a Coloured, that’s his problem.

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