Dating loney wive

These interactions may be initiated to several users simultaneously or in a small time frame.Should a user respond to an interaction from an Online Cuties profile, said user may receive one or more human or computer generated replies from the Online Cuties profile." Have you ever heard of a dating site actually employing people to pretend to like you? Deep in the terms and conditions they admit to hiring third party contractors.If you receive any email messages from hot looking girls on the site take a second look to see if they are "Online Cuties", chances are that they are.Once again hidden in the terms and conditions of the site they actually admit that interactions from the site could be computer generated or be created by third-party contractors that the site hires to interact with you.This is no excuse for a dating site that creates fake profiles, it is still fake legal or not.However consumers still need to be held accountable for being gullible.

But in the past 6 months seems this site and other sites associated with it have started to admit to the use of "Online Cuties" (fake profiles, automated emails etc).

Our bored amateur housewives just want to meet a real man to fuck them senseless, over and over again!

You can find tons of dating sites online focussed on housewives and lonely wives because there really are just that many horny wives out there who are totally bored with their sex life because they are just not getting the sex they need.

But what was astounding to us is that every single profile we looked at was fake, they had the "Online Cuties" logo on the profile.

We have included a couple instances of this deception below.

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