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Most of her printmaking involves […] The Little Things, for me, refers to the obscure, usually unnoticed details.

Those are the things I like to photograph because it enhances my perspective.

I like to work […] Leilla White, being self taught, began working with beveled glass design in 1991.

I have developed techniques and designs over the years creating unique candle holders, window designs as well as sun catchers.

Ten years later, I expanded my […] I am a watercolor artist inspired to paint the beautiful landscape around me.He was born and grew up in the East Tennessee area and his inspiration comes from the rural landscapes of this area.Most of his paintings are of the mountains, hills, lakes and structures of the East Tennessee area.I use acrylic in a modern impressionistic style with entrancing outlines and colors that “freeze” the movement and constant change found in the nature of Beautiful Tennessee.[…] Gay Bryant is a painter and printmaker whose playful paintings and prints depict nature, architecture, and events of everyday life.

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