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She will change outfits more times than you can count, lose her keys, get frustrated with everything, then make you an hour late for wherever you need to go. From understanding concepts to making decisions, her mind just works a little differently.

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So, you have plans to try a new restaurant and one hour before your reservation, your girlfriend calls and asks you to make a trip to the store for snacks and booze because she wants to host a game night, instead.People with ADD may be wonderful multi-taskers or terrible multi-taskers; either way, we will multitask.When your girlfriend fails to give you the undivided attention you crave, keep in mind she probably can’t help it.With this said, I understand possessing the attention span of a puppy makes maintaining relationships incredibly challenging.After all, how can a person who cannot focus on a single task manage to focus on a single person? Women who have ADD are a special breed of the already-tortuous female race.

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