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We chatted for a little while, and he suggested a different website (Whats App) to continue talking.We talked for about two days, before he gave me the story about bad food over there, and he needed money to buy American food, and it was expensive.Then he switched to Amazon cards (-100) claiming that he would buy stuff for me. I told him countless time even from start that I he was a fraud, a fake!When I told him I didn’t have money he would ask to get him just a i Tunes or Amazon card instead. The day (which was October 16) he supposedly on his way to meet up with me, he texted saying he needed a 0 Amazon card to buy stuff for his son Oliver, it was urgent. I went bck to his Instagram page it said user not found. Told him that yesterday before blocking him on Instagram and deleting him on hangouts.I've been corresponding with him since early August--off and on--but have been suspicious. He talked about wanting to deposit money into MY account--which sent up red flags because I thought if he actually asked me, he'd want my account information. At least I recognized that as a variant of the Nigerian scam.Wish they could be caught half as easily as they seem to catch their would be victims.I also met this gentleman on the TAGG website, who calls himself Johnson Smith.He is in the United States Marine Corp,deployed to Egypt.

You know - the places where you can connect up with friends and relatives and meet people who share the same interests as you? Linked In (being a more adult, professional community) is yet to succumb to such cavalier twisting of the English language!

He was an elderly man who told me that he and his wife had identity issues and he never heard of the third party bank the check was cut from. I called the sender of the check and told him it cleared but I was keeping the money. A guy named Kurt Mc Mahon sent me a friend request.

Then after much fighting, I took pictures of the check that the bank had stamped and told him it was fake and that I spoke to his client that never had an account at that bank. Then started professing his love for me (too quickly).

If you're younger you may use My Space, young adults are more likely to be found on Facebook and busy professionals may prefer something like Linked In. And while you're 'facebooking' or 'myspacing' you may also find yourself 'commenting' (writing a comment on someone's Facebook or My Space page), as in this example: ' I commented Dawn that she should come to the pub on Saturday and she commented me that she couldn't because she was going away for the weekend'. I haven't facebooked yet today and there's sure to be a lot to catch up on!

But at least two of these sites have one thing in common: apart from being social spaces where you can meet and chat to people, share photos and other things, they've all added new verbs and nouns to the language in the past couple of years. I've just facebooked the photos from my summer holiday [uploaded them to my facebook page].

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