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Strategic SAM assets were assigned to five different anti-aircraft brigades, or PLRBs.

Engagement ranges of the strategic SAM systems are as follows: SA-75 Dvina: 34 km S-75M Volkhov: 43 km S-125 Neva: 25 km S-200VE Vega: 240 km S-300PMU: 90 km In the imagery contained within this article, SAM systems will be identified as follows: 2K12 sites are marked with green circles, SA-75 and S-75 series sites are marked with triangles and red range rings, S-125 series sites are marked with stars and light blue range rings, and S-200 series sites are marked with hexagons and purple range rings.71 PLRBThe 71st PLRB provided air defense for the Czechoslovakian capital of Prague.

The 185th PLRB did not survive the reorganization, having been disestablished sometime between 19.

The following image depicts the coverage of the 185th PLRB at full strength in 196 PLRBThe 186th PLRB was established in the early 1960's to provide defense of the area surrounding Bratislava.

The 41st PLRB's S-200VE battery disbanded in 1994, and the entire unit was disestablished in 1999.

The following image depicts the coverage of the 71st PLRB in 1989. The following image depicts the coverage of the 41st PLRB in 19 PLRBThe 76th PLRB provided air defense for the city of Brno and the surrounding areas.

As previously mentioned, the initial equipment came from the 71st PLRB in the form of surplus SA-75 Dvina systems which were deployed at five locations.

Between 19, the 77th PLRB was reequipped with S-75M Volkhov batteries.

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His collaborators were the designers Josef Svoboda and Alfred Radok.

28, 1917, Poličná, Czechoslovakia [now in Czech Republic]—died June 4, 1989, Prague), Czech composer and conductor who produced operas for theatre and television.

In Prague Kašlík studied at Charles University (1936–39) and the Prague Conservatory (1936–40), completing his studies there in the Conductors’ Master School (1940–42).

Note the larger engagement zones of the two S-75M batteries.

The following image depicts the coverage of the 42nd PLRB in 19 PLRBThe 77th PLRB was established in 1965 to defend the region surrounding Ostrava.

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