Curtis dating stone

Bringing back to Maude some rare old bottlings, a few undiscovered gems, and the classics that have made the region one of the best in the world.

By focusing on wine regions as the hero and co-star of our menus, the format will still feel like Maude but it gives our team creative freedom to build a menu unrestrained from the inspiration that we find in each region.

"We met on a blind date, none of us wanted to go," he reveals to .A year after that Slashfood piece, Stone was sitting with his firstborn son, one-year-old Hudson, in a park near their home in the Hollywood Hills, when the “eye candy” comment floated back to mind.He cringed at the memory and the thought that his son wouldn’t know him as a real chef.The core team at Maude travels to each region ahead of the menu debut for immersive research, where they experience the culture, history, food, and wine of the territory.While the wines for each menu are required to be from the hero region, Executive Chef Justin Hilbert is given free rein to create a menu structure that are literal to the region or merely inspired by what will pair best with the wines.

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