Later, other definitions were added, attempting to encompass the term "obscene".

We now consider Webster's "Writing and pictures intended to arouse sexual desire" as an appropriate statement of meaning. Linebarger stated the justification for this effort in his book Psychological Warfare (Infantry Journal Press, Washington D. Young human beings, especially young males, are apt to give considerable attention to sex.

In 2013, parts of the article were used for reference by the Talkback Company on the popular BBC quiz show QI (Quite Interesting).

In addition, the information in this article has been used as source material in a number of books such as Professor Dagmar Herzog’s Brutality and Desire: War and Sexuality in Europe's Twentieth Century.

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Would it surprise you to know that all the major combatants involved in World War II used pornography as part of their psychological operations (PSYOP) strategy? In areas of military operations, they are removed from the stimuli of secondary sex references, which are (in America) an accepted part of everyone’s daily life: bathing beauty photos, magazine covers, semi-nudes in advertising, etc.

Our enemies tried to use the resulting pin-up craze for propaganda purposes, hoping that a vain arousal of oestrum would diminish morale.

We can probably state that they were the most widely read and circulated enemy documents of any war.

In 1999, it broadcast Sex and the Swastika, and in 2004, Sex Bomb .

In 2006 I took part in the Canadian Chum Limited TV documentary Sex and PSYOPs.

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