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They made their "stood by consenting." Dare we home here in the great open say that this act had slight in- spacos in the prairies and many tluence on Paul, a dynamo of nights Joe would lay awake and early Christianity?

During this time many temptations lay around his pathway; curses could be heard on the hps of comrades, chicken stealing be- came a great sport, card-playing a common practice and drink- ing the road to oblivion. that manhood found the same purity of mind, cleanliness of speech, undauntednss of pur- pose, and love of service as boy- hood.

This hquid burial, and resurrection of the band of Nature was a wonder to Man of Gahlee and the scene them, and they interpreted it in deeply impressed itsejf on the terms of their little creek at mind and heart of eleven year home, grown up.

After crossing old Joe, Scarcely are we able the Ohio river the two boys ran to estimate the value of soul to the top of the hill, and as stirring scenes upon a youthful they thought, to the top of the mind.

So the local school ^ campus 24 January, according to French-settled land, known or- had no part in testing students announcement mad© recently by iginally as Acadia. The formal inauguration of the Settled by English Puritans High School in Massachusetts President is tentatively set for from Massachusetts, these hardy Miss Purdy went to Sommer- 16 February, with a possibility pioneers braved privation and ville, a suburb of Boston, and of change in date to the 17th. Wed„ January 25 '''^^, ^'i^^^^^^' parents in the homeland. When a breeze strikes it every T7/B STAMPEDE Published By The Students of Milligan College STAMPEDE STAFF Editor . Joaquin Segarra Proof Readers - Gwendolyn Morelock.

hardship not unlike the Pl'm- there continued her studies. SCHEDULE OF EXAMINATIONS South Carolina for one year of End of First Semester " school. Irene Parker FWHCHf ft JO promote school spirit, good sportsmanship, and fair-play, with emphasis on Christian Education The ideal of education is the formation of moral character and the culture of the heart.

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