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Soon, the hotel security discovers the corpse of Bilal.

The police authorities put the police chief Hani Mohammad in charge of investigating the crime.

As per the information from Javed's laptop, to collect further information from a terrorist logistics planner, Ajay and Shabana Khan (Tapsee Pannu) travel to Nepal pretending to be husband and wife.

Their plan to capture the logistics planner Wasim Sheikh (Sushant Singh) goes wrong when he finds out that Shabana is an undercover officer.

In the process Ajay learns that this was only the first, of a series of massive attacks that have been planned.

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Ajay manages to get information on the local contact Javed after torturing him.

They go to Javed's hideout, but things go haywire when all of the squad members except Ajay are killed in an explosion, along with Javed.

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