Catholic courtship vs dating

Does your attitude just switch magically when you exchange vows? Hand-picked-by-God, or one of a couple compatible people.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that people who aren’t dating CAN’T give themselves to the other person until they’re married!

It was asked of a friend of his who is happily, and I do mean HAPPILY IN LOVE for over 20 years: “My wife is my best friend in the whole world. I will start by saying that I feel there is a very big difference in the terminology. Courting is a frame of mind going into a relationship that says “if you are not someone I would ever consider for marriage I’m not even going to take you out, despite how attractive I might find you.” Because the entire purpose of courting is to find a spouse.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her and nothing she wouldn’t do for me. Dating is just that - going out with someone you may or may not consider for marriage. Personally, I don’t feel that Catholic adults have any business “going out” with any other mindset. Well, you can spend time together doing things that enrich your relationship in your discernment for your vocation of marriage.

I’d say my hubby took good care of me when we were dating, and I tried to do little things to take care of him.

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I do have a boyfriend right now, and we’re doing great together, and want to get married, but this has just been bothering me lately. You failed to mention “maturity” though, and maturity can be completely elusive to people no matter how old they get.Once the possibilities are narrowed down, I think it’s a question of the relationship building.This is probably why friendship is the basis of successful marriages.Okay, I’ve had a couple thoughts pertaining to people’s attitudes in dating/courtship (pick your favorite term for ‘two Catholic people of the opposite sex being in an exclusive relationship with the intention to discern if they are supposed to be married or not’, I’m not here to thrash vocabulary around) and in marriage.So, we all have how marriage is supposed to be down pat: a husband and wife in a totally self-giving relationship, with their acts of love being open to new life.

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