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Chat room hosts that have managed to get there have thousands of viewers every time they go live.

We sincerely believe that the best live streams should be generously paid. Find the best video hosts in the Hall of Fame and check whether they deserve their titles or not.

If you know exactly who you are looking for, just start typing their name or ID and check the suggested search results. We made free video chat rooms for everyone to meet friends and soulmates online.

To start, click “Explore” and visit our public chat on the right side of the main screen.

The most recent significant improvement is the full screen expand option found a the upper right of the chat area.

The main chat page is where users go when clicking the “Enter chat” button on the website.

All live streams are stored in the middle of the screen and are accessible from the Explore menu screen. Scroll through the list to find what you like best.

Cover images on each of the live streams help viewers decide whether they would like to join the stream or not.

All key features are stored here: live streams, your own chat room, a gift shop, private messages, search, subscribers menu, and settings.

You can access any video chat page from the main one.

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