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Records suggest that some form of organised Navarrese state first emerged in the early 9th century, under the leadership of igo "Arista" whose death is dated to [851/52] in an Arab source.It is not known whether igo was a descendant of immigrants from the Visigothic court or was a local chief who imposed his leadership over time.Both Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk have been shot and killed. See more » This is a very important film, documenting the coming-of-age of LGBT involvement in the political process.Made just a few years after the Milk/ Moscone assassinations, it expertly captures the mood of a community, pre-AIDS, poised to assume political power.This, of course, assumes that the text of the Codex which has survived represents the complete version.

Presumably he was a Carolingian appointee, although his name indicates Iberian rather than Frankish origin.The number of marriages with Muslim families in the early Navarre royal family suggest that Muslim influence persisted even after Pamplona had long been under Christian rule, at least until the early 10th century.The Iiga dynasty led Navarre until 905 (see Chapter 1. However, their position was challenged by Garca Jimnez who was accepted as ruler in Pamplona from [858] to [885], Garca's descendants emerging definitively to lead Navarre from 905 until they were replaced by the kings of Aragon in 1076 (see Chapter 1. , a series of texts probably written shortly before 992 almost certainly in Navarre itself.The Codex does not resolve the question of a possible common origin of the two rival dynasties, the Iiga and the Jimena, which are dealt with in two different chapters in the Codex.The description of the Iiga dynasty in the Codex starts with igo "Arista" and his children.

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