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The 4 remaining episodes will then go back to airing on Sundays at 9pm.All the episodes should, of course, be on i Player after they air.Responsible for her safety, is he actually her biggest threat?The cast is led by Richard Madden have directed the drama.They prefer the services to be publicly provided, with outsourcing to the private sector only used if, say, the NHS needed help, and only if the providers were ‘not for profit’ so that any savings go back into the service rather than to shareholders.They want longer consultations with staff they know and who know them (something that’s been proven to improve your care).It’s been a hugely enjoyable 12 years.’ You can listen to Dr Phil’s final Saturday Surgery here and judge for yourself Notes for Editors: Dr Hammond got the idea to stand for parliament from his audiences.‘This year, I’ve been touring the UK celebrating 70 years of the NHS and canvassing ideas for a ‘People’s Plan’ to keep the service afloat in the future.

The dismissal came after Dr Hammond tweeted on August 21 that he had been endorsed by the National Health Action Party as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate at the next general election for his home constituency of North East Somerset (sitting MP Jacob Rees-Mogg).

So far, the majority of my audience members (admittedly not a random sample) want to restore the government’s legally binding duty to provide universal healthcare rather than just ‘promote’ it, which has allowed a whole range of services to be cut or cut back.

They are prepared to pay more for public services, but only if the money was spent on supporting frontline services that are proven to work.

The two-hour stand-up show will be interspersed with analytical interview sections, as was the format for his Comedy Vehicle series.

It is not known who will be asking the questions, but it will not be Armando Iannucci or Chris Morris.

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