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His fourth daughter indicated her intention to receive her fathers' ashes, and her lawyer announced that she wanted the remains to be dispersed over the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, Asahara's wife and third daughter have demanded that the remains be handed over to the wife, saying that it was unthinkable for him to designate a particular individual as the recipient of his body, considering his mental state before his execution.

Suriyawong can come to save Rerin's life in time, but she becomes paralyzed because of brain stroke....

Follow up to watch what will happen next in lakorn.

Prince Siriwattana is very angry and tells her to finish this fabric before the wedding day and wear it in their wedding.

Asahara then said, "Wait a minute," and made gestures as if he was giving a thought on the issue for a while.Rerin also sees a spirit of Mei, Lady Bua Ngern's servant ghost in that place, but when she tells anyone, no one believe her. She sees the unfinished fabric on the loom which belongs to Princess Maneerin in the past.In that place, she meets a mysterious guy who she has ever seen in the guesthouse.After that Prince Siriwattana gets married with Lady Bua Ngern, but they have never slept with each other in the same room until Prince Siriwattana is dead from grief later.Lady Bua Ngern is very angry and vengeful for that.

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