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Maria and others are conspiring to trap Malvolio into acting foolishly by forging a love letter from Olivia.

Trout tickling has been practiced for many centuries.

It is mentioned in Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night, where it is used as a metaphor for bamboozlement by Olivia's servant Maria, who is about to play a vengeful prank on the pompous steward, Malvolio: Poachers using the method required no nets, rods or lines or any other incriminating equipment if apprehended by the police or gamekeepers.

Then he begins tickling with his forefinger, gradually running his hand along the fish's belly further and further toward the head until it is under the gills. The Greek writer Oppian writing in his Halieutica, the greatest work of antiquity on angling, refers to catching trout by hand in the following lines: Aelian, a Greek writer of about 230 A.

Then comes a quick grasp, a struggle, and the prize is wrenched out of his natural element, stunned with a blow on the head, and landed in the pocket of the poacher. D., writes in his De Natura Animalium (as published in England in 1565): "If men wade into the sea, when the water is low, end stroking the fish nestling in the pools, suddenly lay hands upon and secure them." While in Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher's Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, a ribald comedy dating from 1624, Estifania remarks "Here comes another trout that I must tickle, / And tickle daintily".

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